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This photo says it all. I could rant about the fabulous weight and size loss by Gerhard, but all you need to do is look at his old pants. Gerhard is truly the perfect example of what hard work and commitment can achieve. He is by far our hardest trainer and never complains about any task set to him. CONGRATULATIONS MATE WELL DESERVED


Having tried most of the gyms around Caloundra, I find the difference for me at Twenty2 is evident by the results I have achieved in the short 8 weeks of training at Twenty2. The reasons for my weight loss, improved fitness and general wellbeing combined with a will to train regularly is attributable to the excellent, subtle but firm, friendly attention to training technique along with guidance and advice from both Rick and Joel. Add to that the relaxed, fun atmosphere of the gym & the fantastic boxing sessions on Wednesday nights. Its with much pleasure that I have found Twenty2 is helping and providing me with the right guidance and help to achieve my Personal fitness goals. I look forward to a long future with Twenty2.

Greg Pusch

Greg has been training at Twenty 2 for 8 WEEKS, in this time he has seen some fantastic results. His Waist has gone from 110cm to 103cm, Hips 108cm to 102cm, Chest 110cm to 102cm and his 1klm run has improved from 8min 53secs to 6min 53 secs. Massive improvement for someone who has just had his 57th birthday. Proving age is no barrier when it comes to weight loss and increasing your fitness……… CONGRATULATIONS GREG from all your friends at Twenty2. NOW FOR THE NEXT GOAL


After moving to Australia I wanted to make a fresh start with my health and fitness goals. As it happened I was with some friends at the cinemas and spotted Twenty2 PT Studio, picked up a leaflet and thought im going to give this a go.

I have been training at Twenty2 for about 4 months and in that time I have been under the guidance of Joel with whom I do 1 Personal Training session a week. I also attend the gym 3 times a week and have received the best nutritional advice.

I find the continual motivation, re enforcement of nutrition and coaching by Rick and Joel an essential tool in achieving my weight loss goals so far and I know that if I slacken off, they are both there to keep me on track. I have made some wonderful friends since training at Twenty2 and really enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the members and trainers.

In the short time I have trained at Twenty2 I have lost an incredible 17cm or 7inches around my waist, 13cm or 5inches from my hips and great losses around my chest, arms and legs. The improvement in my strength and fitness has been just as dramatic. I have now reset my Health and Fitness goals and look forward to achieving these in the near future.

Thanks to the team at Twenty2
Marie McDermott

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