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Nutrition is the science that establishes the relationship between a person's diet and their levels of health.  People that specialise in this are called nutritionists or dietitians.

Wendy values the importance of good nutrition, reducing toxic exposure, exercise and correct supplementation and can guide you towards better health. Wendy enjoys motivating patients to improve their lifestyle through simple yet effective lifestyle changes.

With so many weight loss & diet improvement programs out there that cost a fortune and are difficult to follow, wouldn't you like a program that is simple, affordable and designed for you?

Wendy Byrne is a Nutritionist who values the importance of good nutrition, exercise and correct supplementation to guide you towards better health, the right body weight and increased energy and immunity.

Wendy worked closely with well respected Dr & author, Dr Sandra Cabot for over 2 years where she continually learnt via her 30 years of clinical expertise and experience.

It is important for each of us to take positive, pro active and preventative steps to increase our health, well being and vitality to prevent degenerative disease occurring.

A recent global report by the American Institute for Cancer Research* found that 30-40% of cancers are directly linked to dietary choices. *(extracted from the Gi Diet, The Glycemic Index - Rick Gallop)

Health Fund rebates are available (depending on your level of private health insurance)

Wendy is now available for consultation at Twenty 2 Personal Training Studio. For more information about her services, please visit the below web link or phone....

Phone for an appointment on 07 5491 5266.

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